Friday, March 23, 2018

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade


cameronr: Shindig! Watch: Week One | Round...

cameronr: Shindig! Watch: Week One | Round One

Competitors:Against Civilization, Analog Bell Service, Zombie Pistolero and His Guns

Who Won: Zombie Pistolero and His Guns

Who Should Have Won: Analog Bell Service

Only Jokes For Beer: 1 (although had my drunken heckles from the back of the room been heard the audience would have been in stitches)

Cameron: “Yeah, I’ll bet those guys do wish it was two decades ago, then they would be 19 again!”

David: “Oh, no you don’t, don’t be bringing me into your dirty game.”

Barry: “I’m happy with this decision”

Full schedule here

Only’s CiTR Shindig Watch team is Cameron Reed, David Look, and Barry Higginson. We’re at the Railway every Tuesday (except for me who will be in Europe and not watching shitty local music) to overrule the verdict and out-judge the judges.

[Analog Bell Service photo by Quinn “I love old dudes playing bad Joy Division covers” Omori]

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