Saturday, March 24, 2018

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I just criticized McCain for airing an ad about reforming Wall Street without having any concrete plans. Here’s an Obama plan to contrast it with. Notice three things:

  1. He references and encourages people to read a longer plan for those who are interested in more detail than offered in the ad. (Note the presence of an actual plan.)
  2. There is enough detail in the spot that somebody could concievably disagree with some of Obama’s proposals. It goes beyond the mere puff of the McCain ad.
  3. Rather than criticizing his opponent and his opponent’s supporters, Obama emphasizes working together in this ad.

“Talk and taxes,” eh?

This ad left me with a big smile on my face. A plan is what we need. A plan is what Barack Obama is offering.

I’d obvoiusly rather watch this than the McCain ad, but McCain’s ‘solutions’ to the enormous economic problem America is facing are too rich to pass up. “I’ll reform Wall Street and fix Washington.” Comprehensive! Just like ‘victory’ and ‘honor’, McCain has yet to give a definition of what ‘reform’ means. And if you haven’t doen it in a quarter century, why would you start now? Also, “I’ve taken on tougher guys than this before.” Like the Viet Cong? Is that what you’re really inferring? That Wall Street will be a cake walk because you were a POW? That’s the implication, right? And then that picture at the end talking on a cell phone? Aaahahaha!

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