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Palin criticizes Clinton over protest

Palin criticizes Clinton over protest:

I haven’t visited my old favorite website ever, Hillaryis44, for a long-ish time, mostly because she obviously isn’t! It’s a crazy place these days. The transformation it has undergone, starting as a virulently pro-Hillary, anti-Obama outpost, and gradually morphing into a 100% pro-McCain, completely anti-Democratic lunatic assylum, has to be one of the most phenomenal shifts in political discourse that any recent Presidential race has witnessed. (That’s obviously an overstatement. Whatever.)

Since the site is completely run and authored by anonymous entity, the unbridled love they’ve shown towards Sarah Palin is most curious. I have a hard time believing that any true Hillary supporter, no matter how much of a hate on they may have for Obama, could truly look at Palin and be enticed. In every way, she is the anti-Hillary. But Hillaryis44 loves her.

With this in mind, it will be interesting to see how a direct criticism of Hillary from Palin will be received by her most die-hard supporters. As Palin’s lack credibility on every single issue, her blatant disregard for the Ninth Commandment, her deficient knowledge on almost everything, he cronyism, her secrecy, her tanning obsession, etc., etc., all come to light, McCain has only one hope for her as a VP choice: that she will attract women, specifically disenfranchised Hillary supporters. Sure, she’ll rally the base, but Romney would have done that too, and at least he would have been able to have a convincing dialog on the economy. Palin? She’s nothing more than lady-bait, and shit talking Hillary is not very lady-like. Let’s hope she keeps it up!

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