Monday, April 23, 2018

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A few days ago I noticed a little black spider nesting above my bedroom door. I hate spiders so my first logical conclusion was to destroy him. However, he seemed small and harmless enough, so I let him live. At first his presence bothered me slightly (as I know that most spiders are evil), but I grew to be not only passive about his existence but actually rather fond of him. I even went as far as to give him an appropriate moniker (that being Lil Spider, because he is both “lil” and a “spider”). Lil Spider would travel from one side of my door to the other, but not really do anything to merit being on the receiving end of a whack from a newspaper. We became two of god’s creatures living in harmony.

This evening upon entering my bedroom (hereafter known as THE CRIME SCENE), I noticed that Lil Spider was missing! Mysterious… where could Lil Spider have gone? I felt a little lonesome in my empty bedroom and wondered where my friend had gone to. Perhaps he had found another web? I felt a little betrayed. Minutes later, I noticed a new presence in the corner adjacent to Lil Spider’s previous home… a daddy-long-legs. Peculiar, I thought. Where did you come from, Big Spider? And what is that little bundle wrapped up between your long spindly legs?

Oh…. oh no… oh Lil Spider!!! RIP. :(

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