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Terry Lynn - The System [mp3] The goal of video created for The...

Terry Lynn - The System [mp3]

The goal of video created for The System is to dramatically portray the conditions which are addressed in Lynn’s lyrics by employing strong visual metaphors derived from the Porus slaughterhouse. While The System finds it origins in the graphic Friday Morning market series, two major differences will be apparent in the video footage collected at the Porus slaughterhouse for the purposes of this video:

1) Avoidance of knife on flesh scenes. No pouring blood from animals. Blood will be seen on slaughter instruments and perhaps on the wall and ground.

2) ‘Geomentric composition’. That is, every shot in the video, whether an object, a person or a space is framed as if the scene is a photograph. This is meant to create an air of cinematic quality rarely seen in music videos. [via Afflicted Yard]

[via Paul Devro @ Mad Decent]

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