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Making A Story 'stick'

Making A Story 'stick':


Most important point made in that article:

Reality has a well known liberal bias.

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The same can be said here in the way that the federal Conservatives are openly lying about the detils of Dion’s campaign. Harper, and it’s on his website, is saying that Dion will get rid of the child tax credit, while Dion has openly said he will double it. Also, I knw this seems to be of little importance to most Canadian voters, but the Liberal Green Shift is actually pretty interesting. The tax adjustment based on income seem pretty well balanced. But Harper is simply able to throw rhetoric out there, mislead and outright lie about what the effect will be. Dion unfortunately is for some reason unable to take the offensive (constant problem) and call Harper out, to make the story stick.

Stephen Harper: He’s a Dink.

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