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I Think These Two Were Made for Each Other


re plaid and skirt girl doorknobb. - w4m - 69 (commersh)

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Date: 2008-09-09, 11:39PM PDT

so what if i wear a skirt? so what you think i cant wear it bangin? and maybe you nedd to know that guys are always on my tip, cuz i gotz tha goodz to deliver.
is it you from surrey (rIck) you play in a cool band whos song called darker than you played on fri night in delta at THEPLACE
you drank a muff diver i hid behind a post all nite. my braces are too tight and my next appoinment is in dec. omg!!! but you want me to go all the waYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
go all in! x2 (lol) and when i get my braces off can we go all the way? do you like girlz wit braces?
holla back////

RE: girlz wit bracesI gotz da Delta skill, yo’ spell your beef nuggets (der Dreave)

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Date: 2008-09-10, 6:15AM PDT

girlz with braces are great, going to stuff some foam all up in there (til dec.).

I have 4 feet like a mouse, but wash my ow underwear-bearded and hungover and a hard-on
and no lawyer. I have a face like a washrag. I sing love songs and carry steel.

you remember me?
yeah. thought so.

-ps-if you want to hide behind a pole some time, do you deliver (the goods) to DELTA!!(??)

cameronr: This is going to be the most epic boner party ever. I got a boner party just reading this.

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