Monday, May 21, 2018

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Directly To Blame?

seanorr: Helen Pitt, Blim, and Exposure Gallery forced to move, Seamrippers, Underwear Farm, Butchershop, The Church of Pointless Hysteria, WRKS DVSN, Sugar Refinery, Blinding Light, Pic Pub, Town Pump, Marine Club, Starfish Room, Richards, New York Theatre all gone.

I think the city is directly to blame for this…

cameronr: I find it hard to believe that shutting down or fining a space that has a disregard for fire, safety, and health codes, not to mention basic zoning laws, can be directly blamed on the city. That drama with the Biltmore = total bullshit. That is a good example of the city not being relaxed enough. But each situation is different and it’s just sad and counterproductive to 100% blame the city. Also, don’t forget that if you own land, you can do whatever the fuck you want with it (See: Richards).

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