Monday, June 18, 2018

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Honestly, Fuck These Assholes This framed photo was hanging on...

Honestly, Fuck These Assholes

This framed photo was hanging on the wall of ‘The Largest Western Steakhouse in the World’ which was where the rehearsal dinner was on Saturday night. The entire wedding weekend in Arizona, we did our absolute best not to talk politics. This was an attempt to keep everyone (mostly me) in a decent mood, and to avoid offending any of the 200 wedding attendees who might have been idiots, which was a possibility. This strategy worked for about a day, until I saw this picture, heard about the new polls, and essentially lost it.

It is beyond frustrating that the same people who were duped by George W Bush for eight years, and who have since blessed him with the worst approval ratings of all time, are blindly and happily willing to do the exact same thing this year. Bush never won because the public were fans of his policies, he won because people kinda liked him. They voted against everything that was good for them because he knew how to use a chainsaw and didn’t know how to talk too good, and also because he hated the gays, which is important. But with his approval rating abysmally low, most of those same people must have at some point stopped to realize that maybe voting on likeability isn’t the best way to make a decision? That must have happened, right? At least some people must have at some point thought “I can’t afford to drive my car, my kid is graduating high school and thinks ‘NEways’ is correct grammar, my neighbor’s kid died fighting in the desert on a complete fucking lie, my house is now worth five figures, and I can’t afford to pay the mortgage, and I have all this debt, and, well, I’m pretty sure it’s because of this shitty President I voted for just because windsurfing is GAY, and maybe that was slightly misguided on my part.”

And yet it seems to be working. AGAIN! This is the exact same time four years ago that I became even more cynical and jaded, and said “Fuck America, they deserve what they get, thank God I moved to Canada.” Except this election cycle I’m back to living in America, and I’m SO sick and tired of despising my lying, deceiving, dishonorable, stupid President. This can’t happen again. It just can’t.

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