Thursday, April 25, 2019

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How to pick up chicks/dudes on an airplane by the Globe & Mail

Once, in the mists of time, the Globe & Mail was the country’s paper of record, recording the ever-shifting changes of power in the legislatures and corporations in a dull gray haze. But it’s 2010 now, chumps, and with a new design the Globe has a new mission: to get you laid.

The Globe and Mail’s 5 point plan for sexing up a plane.
1. Choose the middle seat to have a better chance of meeting two people, not just one
2. Introduce yourself rather than ignore seatmates or read the in-flight magazine
3. Keep gum and business cards on you at all times
4. “Weather delays, technical problems with a plane or a missed connection are all effective icebreakers”
5. Once you have arrived, why not share a cab into town?

Advice like this is gold. And make sure that you bring along a copy of the Globe and your next flight as a tip off to potential cab mates!

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