Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Videomatica plans for orderly shutdown

It’s probably not cost efficient to renew your membership at Videomatica as they plan to close in the next few months. This also means you should double your support of Black Dog and Limelight

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Errol Flynn's final drink at the Sylvia discovered, dubbed 'Vancouver cocktail.'

To be honest, this strikes Credit Check as unmitigated bullshit and a cheap way to promoting the Waldorf or Benedictine. Yet, it is hard to not like this story.

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Help Music Waste and Olio get to SXSW

Music Waste and Olio have teamed up for an official, not FXFU showcase the SXSW but they need cash and lots of it. Conveniently, there is a fundraising show tomorrow, March 4, at the Cobalt, featuring Basketball, No Gold, Teen Daze with with deejays Babe Rainbow and My!Gay!Husband!.

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Richard Florida says Canadian cities are winning the music wars

In this excellent piece for the Atlantic U of T professor Richard Florida (of Creative Class fame) takes a look at the musical influence of North American cities. Nashville is number one, while Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are numbers 3, 4, and 5. (LA is second place, New York is sixth.)

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Bryan Adams vs the World Cup of Cricket

For some reason, Bryan Adams in in India, entertaining the cricket fans at the Cricket World Cup. And are they ever excited. Says one fan, ‘I want to see Adams. I heard he’s the big singer from Canada.’

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Price list for Olympic Village Condos?

Looking for a taxpayer-approved, 30%-off condo? The Olympic Village has a deal for you.

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24 Hours gets new editor-in-chief

Welcome, Suzanne Wilton to 24 Hours. Wilton replaces Dean Broughton, who has taken an online editorial position at The Sun.

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Megaphone goes on the lookout for the mysterious 'I Love You' graffiti artist

All over the City – on walls, on billboards, and on trucks, you’ll see the message ‘I Love You.’ Who is behind it? It’s enough to make you repent, sinner.

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Wow. Someone really doesn't like Lululemon

This is an amazing graphic that really socks it to Lululemon’s worldview.

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The BookNet Dictatorship

A company that you have never heard of has a stranglehold on what you read: enter the world of Booknet

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