Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Credit Check: That Vision enemies list is merely wishful thinking

+10 Pulled pork and dim sum to be sold in the streets today

+10 How journalism works: Downtown retailers welcoming the return of buses to their car-free street Yet, downtown business are livid at changing one lane to bikes.

-5 Look, we tease CityCaucus, but Only loves Mike Klassen and the guys. And we love Bob Mackin at 24 Hours. Both have long been friends of Only, and Terminal City before that. And if they want to hold Vision’s feet to the fire, that’s fine by us. But this whole enemies list thing is ridiculous. Here’s CityCaucus Here’s 24 Hours and here’s Vancouver Observer on it. You guys are calling it a Nixon-style hate list. Credit Check is calling it a list of people who cover City Hall. Try it yourself. Make a list of people who cover City Hall in Vancouver. It’s the same list.

+10 Translink moves from Surrey to New Westminster. Even Translink knows how hard it is to take transit to Surrey.

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