Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Credit Check: Mounties stand alone between chaos and civilized society

+10 Wind turbine on Grouse Mountain generating electricity for the resorts needs. Credit Check would hate to be on the Skyride when the wind stops. Or speeds up.

+10 Art Gallery staff ask, Why the fuck do we need a new building if you are laying us off?

-5 The RCMP are trained that they know all, cannot be told anything, and they’re the ones alone who stand between chaos and civilized society says SFU criminologist who better ensure he never drives over the speed limit.

0 The Straight thinks that Premier Campbell will exact revenge on the Supreme Court for the HST by cutting its funding.

-10 What the…? City Hall departments, formerly having the power to make their own lease arrangements, have left 7 out of 11 floors of City Hall empty. Update – Link fixed

Today: +5 This Year: +789

VICTORY SQUARE BLOCK PARTY IS BACK Sunday, September 5th. Presented by Megaphone and Music Waste

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    Last link is wrong.

    - Aug 25, 10:10 am

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