Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Credit Check: Three stories about bad cops

+1 A Victoria police office has been charged with assaulting a prisoner. How could this happen? Actually charging a cop? It seems that the officer is the brother of Healthy Living and Sport Minister Ida Chong, so an independent prosecutor had to be appointed, and, surprise surprise, when an independent prosecutor is appointed, charges get laid against police instead of swept under the rug.

+1 GM Place renamed Rogers Arena. Credit Check has heard the jokes ‘Should have been called ‘Third Place’ and Roger Arena is a good name because of the ref’s dropped calls,’ but thinks it is more interesting to observe the sunset of the car industry and the rise of tech as our corporate masters.

+5 Toronto Police Services Board appointed independent review of G20 policing.

+10 The 15 Mounties who were sent home from the Olympics apparently thought that the Mountie boat was a frat house [Updated link]

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  1. Edward

    The +5 and +10 items both point to the same link about the G20.

    - Jul 7, 02:41 pm

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