Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Credit Check: NPA seeks new name, wears fake moustache

-10 Environmentalist says that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s promise to ban oil tankers off the BC coast does not include existing oil tanker routes

+1 After 60 years of unquestioned power, the Non-Partisan Association may be looking for a new name. How about the ‘Change Nothing/Do Nothing/Stay Inside Party?

-1 The Vancouver Sun has launched a series complaining about public sector salaries. Yet public sector salaries are based on, and invariably less than private sector salaries. And the private sector is incredibly efficient, is it not? What’s the problem?

+10 Mountain View Cemetery is selling off plots for the first time in 25 years. At 6 feet down by 2 feet wide at 7 feet long, it’s a little larger than most new Vancouver condos.

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  1. Albel

    Usually public sector wages are higher than the private sector, not including benefits which are far more generous.

    - Jul 1, 05:55 pm

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