Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Credit Check: Mounties: We're very sorry that you won't go away unless we use the word sorry

+10 Prime Minister’s Office (Um, who?) is disappointed that the Mountie’s apology to the family of the guy they killed at the airport was only sympathy for their loss not an apology for doing it.

+1 Is this the best record ever recorded in Vancouver? And, geez, Tyee, you’re on the Internet. Link to the music.

-1 Nat Bailey Stadium has sold its naming right. It’s a good deal, Nat Bailey keeps the money and no one will ever, ever, ever call it anything other than Nat Bailey Stadium.

-1 Courier’s ‘Look at me, I think I’m counterintuitive’ guy says the Vancouver School Board is in trouble because, god, who knows what he’s getting at:, they don’t run one-room schoolhouses any longer is his beef?

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