Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Credit Check: We didn't beat the guy and if we did, it was lawful

-1 Remember the East Van man who was wrongfully arrested in January because the police went to the wrong door? The one where the Vancouver Police Department released a press release saying that the man “resisted arrest and was injured as a result”? In the subsequent lawsuit, the two cops involved claim At no time did the officers’ use of force consist of dragging Wu from his home, repeatedly beating him or keeping him in handcuffs for a lengthy period of time, or at all

-1 Writer for Vancouver Observer says that he will not watch Road to Avonlea any longer in protest to Prince Edward Island’s stance on abortion.

-1 Having cut school funding, BC is cracking down on Vancouver schoolboard for refusing to crack down on school services enough

*-1” Group that nobody has heard of before is very concerned about donation to Vision Vancouver

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