Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Credit Check: If they cancelled all school, they'd save so much more money

-10 School board takes away 15 school days to save $1 million dollars. Well, then, that’s only another $17 million to go.

-1 For those hoping for Campbell’s retirement – suckers

+5 Interesting. Vancouver businessman Ron Stern, who owns the Winnipeg Free Press, wants to buy the two Philadelphia dailies. Those two Philly dailies are possibly the most right-wing major papers in North America.

+10 East Van home owner fights for the right to let his yard grow wild

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  1. stephanie

    I grew up in Philadelphia, and I’d have to say that the inquirer isn’t anywhere near “the most right-wing” newspaper in the states. Though that’s not saying much, though. Compared to any news media in Canada, the inquirer is quite conservative. It’s sad.

    - Apr 28, 06:38 am

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