Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Credit Check: Let's have a city without people

-1 Headline: Vancouver council dumbfounded over backlash to rental program Translation: City council gutless once again to NIMBYism

+10 Megaphone has a cool story on using shipping containers for housing

0 Abbotsford police launch videos promoting ‘crime-free lifestyle’ Abbotsford? Lifestyle?

0 For the record, BC Place’s version of the timeline of events

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  1. Will Keats

    Is that NIMBYism? I get the impression that the petitioners are more concerned that the subsidies are going to developers rather than renters than they are about have more rental units in that neighbourhood. I agree that subsidizing developers is a sorry way to provide more rental housing for people who can only afford to rent, unless there is some kind of check put in place on how high the rents can be.

    - Apr 15, 01:24 am

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