Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Credit Check: The Province thinks a 1.2% fare evasion rate is ridiculously high

-10 The Province runs a story that quotes an unnamed bus driver who figures that fare evasion is $2 milllion more than currently assumed. Ooooh $2 million! Translink takes in $370 million in fares every year. If, as the driver says, fare evasion is a loss of $4.38 million annually, that’s 1.2% of the budget. 1.2 per cent! Why worry about it – what attempts could one do to force people who obviously can’t afford bus fare thtat would not cost more?

-1 People are accidentally calling 911 instead of India because the country code is 91. Globalisation is funny.

-10 Wikileaks releases video of U.S. forces killing two journalists, many unarmed Iraqi civilians

+1 311 is great but poorly promoted. Probably because people are calling the Netherlands instead (+31).

+25 The return of Wally’s Burgers. Our long municipal nightmare is over.

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