Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Credit Check: Victoria cops heckled by citizens, chief constable has hurt feelings

-10 Victoria cop resigns days before new legislation would make him responsible for any allegeded offenses

+10 Victoria cops are being heckled by citizens over being caught on camera beating up a guy

-20 Police demand warrant-less access to cellphone and computer records

-10 Mountie posts on his Facebook page ‘Night shift and St. Paddy’s Day, can’t wait to drop kick all the drunk idiots.’

-10 Canada ranks second to Mexico in business competitiveness report. Great! If we cut civil liberties and social services even more, we can be Number One!

-10 Streetcar! Suck will be happy – the Streetcars are going back to Brussels. Merde!

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  1. suck

    Victoria is full of morons who deserve to get Jamie Graham’ed in the face.

    - Apr 1, 06:51 am

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