Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Credit Check: Harper tries to cut back pensions by name-checking Clifford Olsen

+10 Good News: BC’s film industry is growing. Bad news: it’s because of the Twilight films.

-10 Prime Minister Harper doesn’t like the idea of old age pensions that apply to everyone. He’d like to get a crack in somewhere, so he is invoking the name of Clifford Olsen.

-10 Kevin Falcon torn between surgical tourism and local line jumping Credit Check is laying money that he will do both.

+10 Streetcar! Suzanne Anton is our hero.

+10 Credit Check loves the Ridge too but face it – if you want to save it, Go see a film tonight. And keep doing it. If you won’t, then shut up.

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  1. suck

    seriously though. who really thought they were going to get a pension.

    - Mar 28, 07:06 pm

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