Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Credit Check: Have you bookmarked ONLYMPICS yet?

ONLYMPICS 2010 Watch Only’s live coverage of the Opening Ceremonies this Friday at 5:30pm / 8:30 pm Eastern / 2 am in Alan, Darren, and Kaf land.

Watch it here:

Tag your Flickr photos of Olympic shenanigans with #ONLYMPICS for our feed

0 Courier columnist and Langara journalism school prof Alan Garr runs for board of directors of Van City. Noted for future use.

+10 Artistic director of Salt Lake City Olympics says knock off the muzzle clause, Vanoc. Although, this would have been great to have heard pretty much anytime before now.

0 Community Karma: Budgies and Foundation now have bicycle food delivery.

0 Community Karma: Pins & Needs is a new socially responsible button maker. Current proceeds go to Megaphone.

Are you or do you plan on becoming a band in Vancouver? Tell your friends to follow @musicwaste! Submit for 2010 now

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