Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Credit Check: It's all Olympics Hell, all week. Get used to it.

ONLYMPICS 2010 Watch Only’s live coverage of the Opening Ceremonies this Friday at 5:30pm / 8:30 pm Eastern / 2 am in Alan,Darren, and Kaf land.

-10 Journalist and Olympics critic barred from entering Canada.

+10 When Hugo Chavez accuses you of being undemocratic for closing Parliament you may wish to rethink your governing style.

+10 There is a cop on every corner just itching for trouble. You don’t join the cops because you want to be a handmaid to tourists.

+1 Generic Poverty Olympics story.)

+10 The Supreme Court has ruled that aquaculture is a Federal issue and can’t be regulated by BC. Yet, employee rights are generally a provincial issue. Who guarantees the rights of aquaculture workers? It’s a pickle, all right.

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