Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Credit Check: Megaphone does special glossy edition on the successes of the Downtown Eastside

+1 If there is a better metaphor for the Olympics than losing a ship of tourists it would only be that ship actually sinking. But that would be sad, rather than funny.

-10 The Vancouver Police had cancelled the bike unit? Who knew? Also, they’re not bringing it back.

+20 The Straight creates an ‘Olympic Protests Google calendar Good on them. It’s only been 30 years since they did something political.

+1 Olympics screw over Mario’s Gelati. If you want good gelati, you do not want to screw Mario.

+20 Megaphone has created a gorgeous, double-sized glossy special edition for the Olympics. Find your local vendor immediately! Here’s a sample, a great article on the origins of United We Can.

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  1. Suck

    Mario and his son constantin is a fucking dinks who treat the employees like shit. Hope the IOC wrecks his shit up.

    - Feb 5, 06:32 am

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