Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Credit Check: Stand up for Steve Fonyo

-25 The Life and Death of Alan Carton, 23, the RIAA-Defying Creator of @diditleak

-1 Steve Fonyo, a real Canadian, loses his Order of Canada. Credit Check fondly remembers the Terminal City/Mighty Niagara Steve Fonyo Pub Craw organised probably when you were 12.

-1 Turns out that Vancouver Police lied in its original statement when officers beat up an innocent person. The low -1 is due to Credit Check’s lack of surprise.

-10 All transit advertising has been replaced by Olympic approved ads.

+10 If Steven Harper wishes to be known as a great Canadian, he should make senate reform a confidence vote.

-1 Look good for our vistors! Grooming tips from Vanoc.

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