Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Credit Check: BC Colonial officers executed a BC Chief

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0 Credit Check called this last year. Polygamous sect leader sues B.C. government

-50 More proof arises that BC Colonial officers executed a BC Chief for decently burying drowned sailors.

+10 The marketing director of the “Bloedel Conservatory deserves a raise.

+10 Vancouver’s temporary street car should become permanent fixture ( Right, Suck? )

Today: -30 This Year: +84

  1. suck

    I’m going to buy the largest air-careable car I can, and park it across the tracks. this will be easy, because the tracks will be right in the middle of the goddamn street.

    - Jan 15, 07:41 am

  2. suck

    Or I could just use it to drive it to work, like a real person. Because only the homeless and women too ugly to marry use public transit.

    - Jan 15, 08:33 am

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