Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Credit Check: Brahms: Symphony No.4, First Movement on harmonica

+10 HST may spell the end for B.C. Premier Credit Check cannot improve on Sean’s comment on this.

0 This is a weird article. Allan Garr says the city is strapped for cash because the money saved from the strike was returned to taxpayers. But if it was spent on the regular budget, wouldn’t that just mean that the city is short of cash next year, instead?

+10 39-year-old Prince George Orchestra plays through recession. It’s the world’s only fiddle and whisky-jug orchestra. (Credit Check is kidding. It once lived in PG.)

-5 Not only is the City paying to place false fronts on East Hastings, they are creating Olympic lanes to rush traffic through. Next, we expect shiny things to be hanging from the streetlights to distract nosy foreign journalists.

+20 It’s time to close all zoos.

Night of Joyful Voices: Join Megaphone on Dec 15 for a fundraising concert at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive) from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The night will feature such great local acts as Fanshaw, Poema Flamenco, and Vows (featuring members of Analog Bell Service) and will be hosted by comedian/activist/author extraordinaire Charles Demers. More

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