Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Credit Check: If the headline says Twillight would you click it more than a comment about City Hall?

+10 City Council votes to create new high density neighbourhood in the stadium district. Lord knows, Credit Check can hardly wait for the future condo owners to complain about the noise coming from the two stadiums that they willingly and voluntarily moved next to.

-1 Metro Vancouver’s only pet cemetery to close. No one should worry. It’s a pet cemetery – they will come back. Also, what’s with a story by a Province reporter locating the cemetery ‘in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey.’ Isn’t the Province a Surrey daily?

-1 Credit Check doesn’t give a shit about Twilight but what is the deal on these two stories? The first, datelined Vancouver, is about Robert Pattinson walking off Ryan Seacrest’s radio set in Los Angles where the reporter obviously isn’t located. The second is datelined Los Angeles and is about how the Vancouver film industry has thrived in a down market because of Twilight. Shouldn’t a reporter who is actually here be on this?

-1 And now back to our regularly scheduled ragging on Councillor Suzanne Anton. This episode: Anton doesn’t like the community garden at City Hall even though it is used by kids and old people.

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