Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Credit Check: Convert the viaducts to High Line-style parks

-20 The poor NPA. Whatever the issue, you can be assured that they are now on the wrong side of history. Today’s example: Suzanne Anton rails against laneway suites. Please see comments

+20 The Straight rarely has a drop of humour or irony in its voice so it gets extra points today. The TransLink staff reports will return to the Web site after the CEO who was ultimately responsible for this situation, Tom Prendergast, has quit and taken on a new job as the head of New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority. What a coincidence.

+10 EVERYONE is a comedian today. Police Taking Math Lessons From VANOC

+10 City Council is to talk about tearing down the viaducts. Jim Green wants them retained – but converted to a park like New York’s High Line.

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  1. Suzanne Anton

    Hi Only,
    Actually you have it 100% backwards – though reading the CKNW piece I
    can see why. I was the lead councillor on EcoDensity (putting the
    environment first in land use decisions) in the last council and the
    lead proponent in FAVOUR of laneway housing. I am very happy the 1st
    permit was issued last Friday. The process has been slow because it is
    all new and there were various things which had to be worked out.

    - Nov 17, 06:07 am

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