Friday, March 22, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Credit Check: How soon before they create a condo called the Slickity?

0 Vancouver Canucks banish players with the flu to commercial flights among the hoi polloi.

-50 Slickity Jim’s, Kishu Island, Lugz Coffee, that tax joint, and the Mexican place none of us had been into yet burnt down. (And via Beyond Robson, email ‘’ if you want to help out.) Credit Check expects the condo development that will inevitably be built on the block to be called ‘The Slickity.’

+10 City removes the 50 per cent food/50 per cent booze rule from restaurants. Although, this is a good news/bad news thing. Sure the rule was stupid – but at least it was written down. Now we are back to the whims of liquor inspectors.

+10 In a rare follow up by the media: The guy who was stopped as a terrorist at the border because he had a Hezbollah ring has been let go. Now he is merely in trouble for trying to sneak in nearly $1 million.

Today: -30 This Year: +117

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