Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Credit Check: Vote the the Republic of Canada

+5 53% of Canadians say the Monarchy should be dumped when the Queen dies. Although, as ratings for Two and a half Men remain high, the public’s opinion is worthless.

-1 Credit Check can’t quite make out what the reporter is trying to say in this piece about a proposed 22 story residential building in the West End. She keeps bringing up it’s a rental and that neighbours are horrified. Is she saying a condo is the Canadian way or does she not realise that most flats in the West End are rentals?

0 Can a band of First Nations voluntarily give up their right to be status indians? Does the Canadian government have the power to do remove a birthright?

-1 A cousin of a park commission shoves an actor at PNE Fright Night so the commissioner quits the PNE board.

-30 Name the baby Beluga As it is the Vancouver Aquarium, the only fitting name is ‘Temporary.’

Today: -35 This Year: +163

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