Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Credit Check: It takes an Olympic village to build affordable housing

-25 The Mountie who fired the taser at Robert Dziekanski is suing the CBC for libel. Credit Check has no problem with this issue actually going to the courts rather than the usual RCMP hearings and tribunals.

-1 Surrey citizens ask how big should a family home be? They already know the answer: if you are rich, as large as you like. Unless you are non-white, then it seems your house is already too large and too many people live in there.

+15 Vancouver finally getting a handle on the idea that if you don’t force developers to create affordable housing (like parks and schools), then they won’t do it.

-1 Today’s ad disguised as a news story is presented by the CBC and some carbon offsetting guys.

-10 Oh, isn’t this just magical. The BC Ambulance Service will be prioritised on an Olympics first, everyone else second system.

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