Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Credit Check: God save our Anti-Social Queen

+40 VIA Rail is spending $40 Million to tart up the stations that they run their tacky, overpriced train service between.

-10 Vision councillor Raymond Louie, on the Vancouver liquor law, says restaurants should should encourage their patrons to do more than just have a nice bottle of wine What? Nachos? Maybe an extra dessert? Time for the City to grow up.

-20 Headline: Transit Police looking for man after indecent act on bus Yeah, he paid $2.50 for a bus ride!

Also, check out what the cop said in the article: “This type of anti-social behaviour could lead to something else.” What that phrase “anti-social behaviour – that’s the new phrase for implementing new laws.

+25 60 per cent agree that the monarchy is nutty.

Today: +35 This Year: +248

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