Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Credit Check: Did Canadians do the Nazi salute at the '36 Olympics? The film says...

+1 CityCaucus complains about rising fees for services instead of taxes in Vancouver. Which makes Credit Check wonder what kind of conservatives these CityCaucus guys are? Conservatives usually love fee-for-services rather than taxes because what’s a $16 parakeet adoption fee to a rich person compared to .1% of their entire income?

+50 The Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre displays 1936 Canadian Olympic sashes with Swastikas in an uncomfortable new exhibit of Canada’s contribution to Hitler’s Olympics spectacle.

As to the question, did Canadians make the Nazi salute during the games, a look at the video doesn’t bode well. It so hard to differentiate a Nazi salute from an Olympic salute that the difference doesn’t seem material. Most countries shown, notably the US and Britain don’t do it. Canada does with gusto.

+5 The greening of Vancouver campaign may include roof-top beehives. Yay.

-5 The City walks a fine line between terrible and unconstitutional with its Olympic communications bylaw

+20 Why are we still waiting on an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women?

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