Friday, March 22, 2019

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Credit Check: You can fight the International Olympic Committee

-1 Only’s sweetheart, Rachel Marsden, has a blog in London’s Telegraph complaining that cosmopolitan, multi-cultural Vancouver does not sufficiently recognise the world of 100 years ago.

+20 Aussie photograph makes the International Olympic Committee back down on Olympic photos

+5 The headline is Whither the NPA and the site is Boing!

+5 Megaphone has a long, meaty interview with Mayor Robertson.

+5 Credit Check loves streetcars. And the possibility of Vancouver getting them back.

Today: +34 This Year: +129

  1. justin

    you gave rachel marsden a -1 but she’s right. or at least, she brings up a good point. this whole aboriginal thing with the olympics is a bit insulting. i don’t think any of the 2010 design represents our city. i mean, i understand the history of my country. i took social studies in grade 9. but this is supposed to be a modern representation of our city and an inukshuk and some crazy whale bear isn’t exactly hitting it on the nose. if we’re really so concerned with pleasing 2.82% of the population, we might as well go for the bigger percentages and make our logo a frenchman or some chinese characters or something. at least that way we’d be representing a larger part of our city’s population.

    - Oct 13, 06:27 pm

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