Friday, March 22, 2019

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Credit Check: Chinese people in Canadian universities in 1979?

-1 Rogers tries to get some free PR by announcing the cancellation of their ‘$6.95 system access fee’ by raising prices more than $7.

-10 Vancoc suing people for reselling Olympic tickets

+10 Top Mountie stands by incriminating e-mail at Dziekanski Taser inquiry You know, that’s just a cut and paste of the CBC headline – why do they write it like it’s a newspaper headline that is short on space? Who says Top Mountie?

+20 Only 30 years ago, CTV ran an exposé of the takeover of Canadian classrooms by foreign students by showing a section of a university lecture hall filled with non-white faces. The+20 is for the reaction by pissed-off Chinese-Canadians.

-10 The Canadian Olympic Committee is encouraging people to wear red or hand red lights to show their patriotism. However, displaying the Olympic symbol or using the words Olympics, Winter Games, or 2010 will get you sued.

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