Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Credit Check: Reincarnation 101

-1 Vancouver Public Library gets legal advice that hosting a seminar on how to kill yourself is illegal. Also, they should ensure that the room rental is paid in advance.

+10 The Cultural Olympiad lineup is partially announced and it’s not so bad. It’s just lacking in BC talent. Credit Check can’t help but notice that world reknowned Canadian acts come from provinces with provincial arts funding while BC specialises in that DIY, find-an-audience the hard way genre.

-1 CKNW is surprised that a taxpayer-funded corporation uses taxpayer money to buy a suite at the taxpayer-paid Olympics

-1 Meanwhile, News1130 wastes valuable air by noting that Americans are being turned away from Canada if they have been convicted of driving while drunk. What’s weird, is that in the same article, it notes that the US does the same thing to Canadians.

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