Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Credit Check: Fun-O-Rama

-1 Now that the Vancouver has been granted a Major League Soccer team, the sham that BC Place would get a retractable roof has been shelved, uh, delayed.

+1 Something to watch over the next little while: a condo concierge says he was strong-armed by Vancouver Police attempting to get into an apartment without a warrant. When, oh when, will companies stop letting people work alone at night when they are easy targets for marauding police?

-1 Now that CHEK 6 is going off the dial, Shaw is replacing it with the Seattle Fox Affiliate. Credit Check would suggest that KVOS 12 Bellingham is a better replacement – on condition they bring back Frisky Frolics and Fun-O-Rama.

+10 Canada needs copyright rules that foster digital music market says president of the Canadian Recording Industry Association. Wait, who?

Today: +9 This Year: +15

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