Monday, June 18, 2018

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Credit Check: Wassamatter U?

+10 Megaphone has a great post on the tragedy of the Little Mountain Housing Project. l It’s a beautiful location, has had a long-standing community, and already paid for – so let’s tear it down for condos.

-1 Honestly, CityCaucus Happy 4th of July?. You didn’t even say Happy Canada Day.

+5 Editor of the Straight “complains to mum and dad” : about BC journalists not disclosing speaker fees.

-10 UBC students being forced to sign ‘no-Olympic-protest’ contracts’ if they wish to live in student housing. Wait, Credit Check just read the article – it says they can’t put up signs claiming a commercial association with the games. Wha? Is Pepsi planning on paying students to put signs in the windows?

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