Friday, March 22, 2019

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Credit Check:

-5 Bad Lieutenant Update The Mountie spokesguy says he was told by the brass to tell the media untrue things about the Robert Dziekanski case

-1 Metro mayors want carbon tax to pay for transit. Which is great – until people start reducing their gas use which then underfunding the transit system.

-5 Federal Justice Minister hauls out old chestnut that Canadian marijuana is used as currency for harder drugs. Next, he’ll say that today’s pot isn’t like the pot of 15 years ago – it’s much harder. Which has been trotted out every year since 1969.

+10 Yay! A Vancouver Civic Politics journalistic pissing match. It’s Allan Garr vs. It’s awesome because the stakes are so small.

Today: -1 This Year: +9

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