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Credit Check: Bad pot

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

-10 Bad Lieutenant Update Airport emergency staff emailled each other because bad things were going down about Dziekanski

+1 Mayor Gregor Robertson again pushes for regional police force. Cross-jurisdictional cops provide better policing – just look at the Transit Police. Oh, wait.

+5 The Bank of Montreal, Vancouver’s bankers since 1886, have helped the City buy out the Olympic Village loan. The article makes it seem that Mayor Robertson went in, had a chat with the bank that holds his mortgage, and got a loan for a term-break trip to Puerto Vallarta using his Camaro as collateral.

-5 Vancouver Sun headlines article about Bush-era ‘war on terror’ policies not being changed fast enough as ‘Critics fret Obama unclear on war on terror.’ We know it hurts, Sun, but everything changes.

-5 Another article, in the Sun of course, that says pot is more potent now than it used to be Good god, 1960s pot must have been made of children’s aspirin and weak tea.

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