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Credit Check: Toronto puts a gimlet eye toward Van

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

-1 With one year left before the Winter Olympics are held, snowboarding championships are cancelled due to lack of snow. Something tells Credit Check that very little of the Olympics was thought out beforehand aside from “Booyah! We won! We’re the next city!”

0 Chief Constable Chu wants a 30 strikes and you are out law for repeat offenders. Oh, you are so fucking funny, Chief. Everyone deserves 31 chances.

-2 Out of all the possible solutions for current economic problems, the president of the BC Chamber of Commerce says the solution is to dump the carbon tax. The carbon tax must have shot his dog as a kid because he just won’t give this up.

+5 A Supreme Court victory by Rafe Mair, which changed Canadian libel law to recognise a form of ‘fair comment’, has helped an environmentalist.

-1 Thank heavens, the Globe & Mail is here to explain to everyone how to fix Canada’s slum First, G&M, don’t call the Downtown Eastside ‘Canada’s slum’. Second, Megaphone scoffs at the G&M’s solution of gentrification.

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