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Credit Check: From Lake O' The Woods to the Eastern Townships

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

+10 Mounties have declared that tasers are lethal and should not be used unless someone is in physical danger. For example, if an airport user is wielding a stapler. (Which he probably was not.)

+10 The Olympic torch is unveiled – and it is a gigantic joint. Finally, some BC culture is reflected by Vanoc.

-25 Can this be true? The Olympic have not contracted for the use of the Mountains yet. Would you not do that first? Did they not realise that the owners, one Fortress Group, could charge anything they wanted? Why are the Vanoc people still holding their jobs?

-1 Compare and contrast the Olympic media coverage. CBC: 2010 Olympics countdown festivity greeted with celebration and protest The Province: Olympic concert a delightful sign of things to come

-5 Mayor of Surrey does not want regional police force..

-5 Governor-General doesn’t know that the Coast Mountains are not the fucking rockies.

+5 Adbusters would like people to come and show support at the Courthouse on Monday in their ongoing fight to force the CBC to broadcast anti-consumerist ads. It’s a very strange fight now – most broadcasters will now take any ad, the days of picking and choosing are long over.

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