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Credit Check: Obama Hearts Canada says Canada

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

+10 Dogwood Initiative under fire by the Royal Canadian Mint for putting stickers on Loonies that make the poor bird swim in an oil spill. The +10 is for the stickers not the Mint.

-1 Business associations, which were rabidly pro-Olympics, are now warning that the Olympics can hurt their businesses.

-1 Bus driving writer loses job for writing about his job.

+5 Now it’s the regular joes who are getting ticketed in the Downtown Eastside. Let’s see how fast it gets stopped now.

-5 City pays Fortress $4 million for permission to take over financing of Olympic Village.

-5 Canada says ‘We’re Obama’s people.’ We’re cool. PLLLEEEASE pay attention. Van-associated guy made Michelle Obama’s dress Obama read a book of Michael Ignatieff once

Today: +3 This Year: -2

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