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MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

-20 For fuck’s sake. Now the Province wants to demolish the existing Port Mann bridge, create a 10-lane monstrocity, and charge a $3 to everyone. It’s now double the building cost and charging a toll on everyone instead of just users of a new bridge. The Province says it will be built to handle light-rail in some sugar-coated future, but that was said about the Alex Fraser bridge and they filled in the lane reserved for rapid transit with cars. If you build a 10-lane bridge, will you not need a ten-lane freeway on both ends to avoid a merging nightmare?

-10 A popular local event attended by literally millions of local people and paid for by various Crown corporations is canceled due to lack of funds. Olympics and Port Mann bridge still have seemly unlimited resources.

+5 CityCauses really doing an effective job of nailing people they disagree with. Let’s see if they’ll ever be so non-partisan on the Non-Partisans.

+1 Update theatre: Frances Bula says Downtown Ambassador contracts will not be renewed. Tomorrow.

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