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MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

+25 Developers take away but sometimes they giveth. Like when one saves the York Theatre. Although they usually take away.

-10 In a shocking development, pro-tasering-Polish-guy by Mounties evidence may have been taken out of context.

-1 Vancouver school board would like to close schools during Olympics The kids probably won’t be able to go see anything, their parents will be mightily inconvenienced, but school board officials probably get free tickets. To the good events, too. Not just ski-away and shoot.

+1 It seems that a law enforcing a balanced budget can be rescinded if gas prices plummet and the Supreme Court says you can’t rip up civil servants’ contracts anymore. Of course, the only thing the law did was cut the Cabinet’s pay if the budget was not balanced – and we couldn’t have that in a time of austerity, could we?

-10 UBC engineering students get arrested for not hanging a Volkswagen from the Ironworker’s Bridge Although the bug itself made a getaway and is still at large.

Today: +5 This Year: +39

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