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MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

+25 Burrand Bridge finally to get bike lanes.

+1 Vancouver Sun sets up a database to check out NDP MLA’s donations. It’s nice to see the Sun attempting to expand their online efforts and try new things – but they are being so weird about it. NDP MLA donations? It’s not as if the Sun investigated this – they just put up a list supplied by the NDP itself. And frankly, who cares? The Sun also has a public sector salary database. How about a corporate cross-ownership database? Value of MP/MLA/City Councilors’ cars and houses database? Empty condos by street database?

-1 The BC Solicitor General wants to investigate the film prop gun business. Things that he is not looking into: creating a civilian police investigations agency, the danger of autos to bicyclists and pedestrians, the relation to current drug laws and education to reality.

-1 The Olympic Village will be a money maker says the Globe & Mail quoting CityCaucus which ran an editorial by Sam Sullivan

-10 ‘Buy America’ policy a veiled attempt to export unemployment. Oopsy. That Free Trade agreement that sent all those existing jobs south to the US and beyond and were replaced by Canadian jobs that depended entirely on trade with the US has a bad side? Who knew?

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