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Credit Check: Free Conrad

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

-10 Guy who has been taking all the heat for the shuttered pulp mill in McKenzie now says he does’t own it and doesn’t know who does.

-5 And….whump. “Vancouver’s vaunted, untouchable credit rating has been downgraded due to Olympic Village borrowing. Which is a good thing to remember the next time that the City says it cannot afford housing for homeless or street nurses.

+15 Off-duty Delta cop who was not charged for alleged beating and robbery in Vancouver is to be investigated by Delta. So close, dude. So close.

+5 Conrad Black still hopes that US president Barack Obama will pardon him. Let’s hope Obama doesn’t read this article. (And Credit Check just noticed, Connie is writing a column almost every week in the NatPost. That’s one tough prison.)

-1 Province headline: SPCA recommends charges for abandoned B.C. horses. Haven’t these poor horses had enough? Now they are going to be charged?

-10 RCMP ‘obstructed’ paramedics, firefighter tells Taser inquiry

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