Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Credit Check: New Albion in Coast Salish Territory

+10 A Vancouver Sun columnist asks is time time to rename British Columbia? Only is pleased to dig up this Brian ‘Godzilla’ Salmi classic (which originally ran in the Sun) It’s time to take the British out of British Columbia. From 199-freaking-9.

+10 Councillor Raymon Louie has served a motion to cut the funding of the Downtown Ambassadors. Not so tough now without your darling red coat and snappy hat, are you?

-5 The New Democrats, always with their finger on the pulse of the province, want to ban body armour.

+5 Pensioner gets his stolen house back. It’s never a good idea to carry valuables in your back pocket.

+5 Translink changes bus routes to cope with the closed Patullo Bridge. After nearly a week. And they own the Patullo Bridge. Might not they have noticed a little sooner that their buses were driving on and never coming back?

+5 For some reason, the Vancouver Police have released a photo of the previous chief’s shooting target that he left on the city manager’s desk. Thanks, though.

-5 Witness says that beating off-duty cops told onlookers We are the police.

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